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The offical website of Aboriginal artist, Ethan-james Kotiau.

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I grew up on Iningai country...

This is the place I have always considered home.

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Land River Creeks

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"All paintings are hand made using the highest quality paints/pigments, brushes and linen canvas. Each piece an archival collectible." Ethan-james Kotiau - Artist/Director

The Iningai Story

I consider the paintings to be contemporary in style but, by using traditional elements (sometimes dots, sometimes lines), I am attempting to also capture the past. I want to evoke the ancient, mysterious history of the land with all its stories. The landscape to me encapsulates everything about the place – its history, its beauty, my own personal stories, the deep underlying spirituality, and so on. The place speaks! And this is what I am attempting to preserve by “framing this landscape”.

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